Ricardo Jones is clear--citizens must stop corruption at the EEOC! Everyone at the EEOC was afraid to rock the boat prefering to protect their personal and professional interests, but not Ricardo Jones--and the EEOC fired him, for it. He is the first person inside the EEOC to speak out to help you, correct the problem:  that the EEOC is discarding claims of discrimination, made by African-Americans and foreign-born blacks. 

If you feel the EEOC has unfairly dismissed your racial  discrimination claim, listen to Mr. Jones's groundbreaking work on the EEOC and issues of government corruption:
What the EEOC Reformer can do for you:
Ricardo Jones, as the EEOC Reformer can help you in 10 key areas, regarding the EEOC and discrimination:
Understand the EEOC process
Advocate for your rights
Refer you to helpful resources
Conduct EO Training
Review EO Policies
"There is a silent agreement between the EEOC , attorneys and businesses; it results in the dismissal of most race discrimination claims made by blacks who seek help from the EEOC!"

-Ricardo Jones, former EEOC Investigator, committed EEOC Whistleblower.

Review EO complaints
Recommend EO best practices
Advise employees about EO law
Advise employers about EO law
Support justice in the EO process
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